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Backend Devs are often paid more than Frontend Devs.
It's true ! The median salary for the back is 40K instead of [38K for the front]( /frontend).
The difference is not really significant.

What are the qualities for a Back-end developer?

The Back, nobody sees it, except the devs. So Back-end Devs like to code properly, cleanly. They will love thinking about hexagonal architectures, the right size of micro-services, doing Craft and TDD.

Because in reality, putting a back-end into production today always requires what is called an End-of-the-world. That is to say that we will replace one application with another, as Indiana Jones replaces the Sankara stone.

As a result, the backend devs are rigorous, methodical. They want to be able to intervene quickly, make a precise and painless incision on the rotten piece of code and return the patient to the fire of HTTP requests.

The Dev Backend is also going to have availability and resiliency as a concern. If the back-end goes down, it's often a disaster. He will therefore think a lot about his architecture, do load tests. While the front dev, if it's beautiful, it's good.

Is the trade on the back side?

In truth, if the back-end devs are better paid, it is surely because we are more demanding of them on the one hand. But above all because in many systems the trade is on the back side.

It should be understood by this sentence, that the rules which correspond to the business, the functionalities, are mainly implemented on the back side.
And this for the sake of safety. The client-side code can be modified by this one, it can seek to cause side effects.

But if in your application, in your company, the business is on the front side, it is perhaps less critical to hire capped back devs than to hire front-end engineers who will make a very SPA (Single Page Application) robust !

What are the back dev tools?

In France the Devs Backs mainly do Java. Lots of Java and Spring in particular!
There is also a good slice of PHP developers who will use Symfony, Laravel or API Platform.
Users of Python Django or Ruby On Rails will be marginal (we say penurious. Even more marginal, users of functional technologies: Scala, Phoenix/Elixir etc...

The technos that are taking over are Go and Rust. Go is more compact than Java, it can be more convenient to deploy. Rust is positioning itself as a modern successor to C. It will be a choice for system developers, for example.

But the giant that eats everything is JavaScript. The developers of all the previous technologies mentioned including Javascript and Node in addition. If it's to do a little thing, node will surely do the job well. And as we try to do more and more small things side by side (these are micro-services), node.js often does the job well.

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