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The Web developer is one of the most up-and-coming professions in 2022. The majority of retrainings have been towards this profession which has been in tension for several years. What's happening ?

Why Everyone Hires Web Developers

Software is eating the world

Software is eating the world - Marc Andreessen, 2011

When he said that in 2011, Marc Andreessen, he was above all addressing Wall Street stockbrokers who were afraid of a new Internet bubble. Long story short, in the early days of the internet, there were plenty of startups that raised big bucks saying they were going to digitize whole swaths of our society. For example Pets.com wanted to digitize everything related to the life of pet owners. And they went bankrupt 9 months after being their IPO in 2000.
This is because back then the internet was not adopted as widely as it is today. Connections were slow, it was Web1.0, there was no Facebook and Youtube. There was not enough market for the ambitions of these startups and they went bankrupt.

Since the web is everywhere, you have at least 3 devices at home that are connected to the internet. Your TGV is connected to the internet. The bus driver is connected to the internet. Your fridge and microwave will surely be connected to the internet very quickly. Your TV and your Playstations are already on the internet.

Think of all the companies that have taken such an important place in our daily lives: Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo, Google, Amazon. Yes, it's not necessarily the companies you prefer, but they have changed our society.

And then the technique

It's much more convenient and easier to maintain a web application than a fat client. A heavy client, it will have to be recompiled to see it evolve if you change the operating system. And you certainly don't want to keep machines running XP when it's a sieve in terms of security.

A web client, it still works, even if you have updated your web browser.

We can do more and more things in a web browser. Applications can be connected and in real time. You can even do 3D and video games in the browser.

The Web is also a very accessible world. Weekend hobbyists or developers can do this easily. And that makes this job very accessible.

What skills for a web developer?

Before, a web developer had to know how to do HTML and CSS. Content was pushed via FTP to be served by Apache.

Today, you have to know how to use Javascript and a minimum of PHP to be a hobbyist.

Client-side JavaScript experienced a more evolved era with jQuery then Ember.js and Backbone. Until recently Bootstrap was popular, but today developers prefer to use Flexbox and Tailwind.
We make SPA (Single Page Application) using React, Angular or VueJS.

A web developer must like to learn constantly. Technologies change every 6 months. And good practices in terms of responsive design or SEO vis-à-vis Google also change several times a year.
In fact, the field is so vast that a web developer will never stop learning!

Even on the server side, he will surely have to learn to do a few things with NodeJS and Express. But tomorrow, he may be working in a company that uses Symfony with PHP, or Java and Spring Framework, or even Ruby on Rails. And his job will be completely different!

If you have chosen the profession of web developer, you will never be bored. Welcome !

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