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Have you ever been told that the Full stack developer does not exist?
And yet there is a page dedicated to them on WeLoveDevs?
And they even have a salary page?

What does a full stack developer mean?

It's a dev that can do full functionality on its own. And I'll tell you why and how we got there.

In agile methods, and in particular Scrum, self-organization is promoted. And especially that there could be chaos inside the Sprint.

For the estimates to work well, each User Story should be implemented by a single developer. A User Story is a ticket that has been made by the functional, the MOA or the Product Owner, which begins with "As". Example: "As a developer on WeLoveDevs, I can hide my profile when I no longer want to be solicited".

And before it was not so simple. The front devs were in one room, the back devs in another. And the back devs had to deliver the backend for the front devs to start coding against. And then if something had to be changed, everything had to be re-coordinated.

So we put all the devs on the same team and we said it would be a squad for a product. And the full stack developer, he was above all able to act on all the third parties of the application. That means he can do a little integration, a little front, a little back.

But suddenly the full stack devs are all clones?

Well no !
In a team of full stack devs, you still have to be careful to have complementary skills.
Even if everyone is full stack, there will surely be one who is excellent on the front, another who is competent on the back. Maybe you will have a team member who excels in build and deployment. You will surely have someone who makes beautiful interfaces: full stack UX-Integration.

Because at the end of the day, the full stack devs must be able to ask for help from his or her colleague who is the technical referent or referent for a third party application.

And then Full stack when we do Javascript everywhere it's fine. But if there starts to be a backend in Java, another in Elixir, it's more complicated!

That's why we recommend that companies make every effort to differentiate their ads. Otherwise on WeLoveDevs there would be almost only Full stack Devs announcements.

The full stack dev in startup

The new digital entrepreneur, we just told him he would have a web application and a backend. Either he recruits a full stack dev who does both, or he recruits a front dev and a back dev.
Would it still be better to pay only one person?

Very bad calculation!
The jack-of-all-trade is often also master-of-none. When we take a full stack instead of a front and a back, we often take one that is better on the front than on the back. Or the opposite.

The example works in many other situations!

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