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Java was invented by a team of computer scientists at Sun Microsystems. They did a lot of on-board electronics back then. And it was necessary to recompile for each micro-controller, the code written in C or in Assembler. They therefore developed the JVM, which mediates between the processor and the application. They could finally write code once, and run it everywhere.
This is why Java has become very popular, especially in the Android system. It was even used to design the famous Minecraft game.

Who uses Java?

Java is the language of code blue developers. The code for early versions of Java in production is still running. The developers have made sure to keep the backward compatibility of the language with each version. So, even if we are at version 17, it is possible to write as if we were on Java 6.

It is a typed language, which was designed to have very powerful tools for manipulating large code bases. The IDEs around Java (IntelliJ, Eclipse) make it possible to refactor all the code in one click most often. They often have very powerful unit testing frameworks that run constantly in the background and check that the code has evolved. In short, it's solid.

If you want to discuss the latest innovations in the world of Java, I recommend that you listen to this best of Antenne Libre with two great experts:

To JVM and beyond

The fantastic thing about Java is that its virtual machine, the JVM, is also used by many languages. We think of Kotlin or Groovy.
By the way, did you know that Kotlin developers have a better salary than Java developers?

In reality, it's mainly because Java is learned at school, while Kotlin is more of a language that you learn later. Kotlin developers are often more experienced.
And apps written with Kotlin or Groovy will run and deploy the same way. It's still really practical.

Give me MCQ!

We have plenty of MCQs around Java. So here is your guide, and remember to keep your towel with you.

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