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Did you know that the founders of WeLoveDevs were mobile developers? If so, Vincent and Damien were making Android and iOS apps at a time when everyone wanted to have an app on the stores.
So suddenly we have things to tell you!

This is not an iPod

One more thing - Steve Jobs

In 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone. It was a revolution at the time. Smartphones already existed, but they did not necessarily have a completely tactile interface, and above all they were not made for the general public.

Back then, Android already existed. It is an operating system for on-board systems, which makes it possible to manage all types of man-machine interfaces: screens, touch-sensitive or not, keyboards, buttons, radio button. This is also why it works very well in cars today.

The race is on ! Smartphones will revolutionize our use of the internet. We were in a world where to go on the internet, you had to go to cybercafés, or on the home PC with an ADSL connection. And we have entered a world where the internet is in our pocket all the time. The smartphone wakes us up in the morning, and it orders the car with driver, has food delivered to us by a cyclist. And above all allows us to watch videos on TikTok.

How do mobile apps work?

There are several types of mobile applications. First there are native mobile apps.

They are coded with Swift and the iOS SDK for Apple devices (including iPads). And they are coded in Kotlin with the Android SDK for smartphones from OHA (Open Handset Alliance) manufacturers.
You should know that before, on iOS we used a language called Objective-C and on Android we coded in Java. But that was a long time ago. I'm talking to you about a time that people who were born after this website didn't know. Wow!

We also have a whole lot of technologies to make Hybrid applications: Titanium, Cordova, Ionic...
Today there are two that have taken over: React Native, and especially Flutter. Everyone only talks about Flutter, while Flutter is a framework based on the DART language. It's amazing isn't it?

Did you know that the new SNCF Connect application was developed with Flutter? And you can even meet them on WeLoveDevs.

Where do mobile developers work?

So there are still some in Web Agencies and ESNs, there are even agencies dedicated to the Mobile business like La Mobilery. One thinks for example of Fabernovel Technologies which is known for its skills on Mobile.
But service companies are making fewer and fewer native applications!

There are some in the big accounts! Indeed, in your daily applications you will find the application of your bank, that of your telephone operator etc...
We told you about the SNCF, but there is also necessarily AXA for example.

Native developers, we will mainly find them in startups: Cheerz, [Qonto]( company/qonto), Swapcard, Meetic...

Which tech is the best paid?

The Median salary of a mobile developer in France is 40K.

So why do we make more money when we make iOS? Already because iPhone or iPad users spend more money in general. But suddenly the budgets for making apps for Apple devices are higher. Sometimes MUCH MORE.

Give me MCQs!

Our Android QCM written by Fanny Demey is an international reference!
And we have a great Flutter MCQ written by Edouard Marquez, the author of the [Flutter Digest newsletter](https://flutter-digest. com/)!

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