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We want developers to be happy, but not only

On WeLoveDevs, we talk a lot about developers. Yes, because its two founders are devs who wanted to help their peers find a company where they will be happy.

Our conviction is that it should be easy to find a company where you will be happy - Damien Cavaillès and Vincent Cotro, founders of WeLoveDevs

What we discovered along the way is that a happy developer has a lot of happy colleagues around him.

So now there is a lot of more people around ! They are all job hunting with developers.

Ops and the Cloud

A developer works with system administrators, Ops. So we have to talk to you about DevOps and SRE. As Elon Musk has not yet brought us into space, for the moment we are talking about Cloud professions: Architects, consultants, Cloud Ops. All those people who do Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible etc...

Product, projects and agile

There are functional professions: IT project managers, agilists, MOA and MOE, Product Manager, Product Owner. Everything so that when they get up in the morning, the developers have great User Stories to implement and reach altogether the OKRs.

Business Intelligence and Data

But the IT Department, is also a playground for the Chief Data Officer and all his staff: Data Stewart, Data Engineer, Data Scientist and a bunch Data Analysts. It is the decision-making professions that have become even more modern with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence!

Quality and safety

We want a bug proof code. So we want it to have tests and more than that. This is the job of QA and professional testers. But QA takes on a new dimension since security, cybersecurity becomes important. Companies hire pentesters to test their networks, raise you shields !

And there are still many, who all want to work with happy developers, and are looking on WeLoveDevs. And you know what they want to meet? Happy recruiters. Everyone is there, let's start the party.

50 shades of the same profession

We have been writing about IT careers for several years. We handed our microphone to hundreds of Techs, and we didn't feel like we were hearing the same thing twice.

Why ? Because being an Android developer at Orange or in a Startup is not the same job.
Because if you're tired of being a Java developer in banking, you can change industry and become a Java developer in healthcare: NEW LIFE.

Behind the same job title there are often several professions.
By the way, stop using the term fullstack: the fullstack developer does not exist!

Either he's good on the frontend or he's good on the backend. But in general he cannot like both. Especially since the front is sometimes the web, sometimes a heavy client, sometimes a mobile application. And the backend, today it's Java, but tomorrow it might be Ruby. What does that mean ?

But at the same time it's great that things change tomorrow! Because learning is our job!

We are chameleons, and every day we learn more about the profession of those who use our software. And if you ever get bored, you change industry, you change company or you change tools.

Does everyone want to be a developer?

Yes ! There are 500,000 developers in France, but this number has been increasing by 5 to 10% each year for more than 5 years.

There are several tens of thousands of people who begin a conversion to digital professions each year. And more than one job in two in tension, according to the Kyu Lab study of the OPCO Atlas, is an application developer.

In practice, there are a lot of TMA developers, and maintenance and Helpdesk jobs are also people who find work on WeLoveDevs.

But the professions that have seen the most growth, even during the pandemic, are those of the Cloud and Data. Yes, because the Devs are the first budgets to disappear or to be outsourced, the Run will always remain in the hearts of customers. The Cloud benefits from Move2Cloud, outsourcing is over.

And what is the new trend? Cybersecurity. This is the main subject in 2022. Take a pentester training, you will have fun!


Smartphone enthusiasts will find happiness here.

Project Management

Great IT projects needs great managers.


The cloud opens up endless possibilities for our applications.


Do you like playing with terabytes? This category is for you.

3D and video-games

For those who want to design the video games of tomorrow.


For those who appreciate low-level programming languages. Every byte counts !


Our modern-day guardians. They protect our IT systems on a daily basis.

No code

For those who prefer using great tools than coding.
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