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PHP is a recursive acronym that stands for "PHP Hypertext Processor". But did you know that its first name meant "Personal Home Page Tools", then renamed PHP Tools?
Yes we learn cool things by attending the great PHP community.

What is coded with PHP?

Simply the majority of the web? A 2016 study indicates that 82% of websites use PHP as their server technology. If PHP is so popular, it's because it's used both by the casual developer who codes his personal site, and by the e-commerce experts at [Alice's Garden ]( /fr/company/alices-garden)

And then it's the language under the hood of Wordpress, which is also super popular on the web. Companies will most often use Symfony or Laravel (the Rails of PHP). If you need a CMS, you will surely opt for Drupal. Yes, there is everything you need in the world of PHP. And what's more, it's even a very modern object-oriented language now.

For e-commerce, you probably know Prestashop and Magento. But the most underrated remains Sylius!

Come for the software, stay for the community

It's the slogan, the motto of the Drupal community, but in reality it also works for the rest of the PHP community. The AFUP, the French Association of PHP Users is really super active and animated by its members. And she shines with her inclusion and kindness 🌟
They organize several events each year: PHP Forum, AFUP Day etc... Go meet them!

Where do we do PHP?

We do a lot of PHP in France! It is one of the most popular languages ​​after Java and JavaScript.

The AFUP publishes each year, in partnership with the JDN, a barometer of the salaries of their members. Read the full report
And there are 3 types of companies that you don't see elsewhere: Press/Media, Communication Agency and Web Agency.
So they are not in the majority, moreover no group is in the majority. PHP is used in Startup: Aramis Auto, Jarvis Legal or [Friday]( /Friday)
Experts in PHP and Symfony will certainly be at Les Tilleuls or [SensioLabs]( /company/sensiolabs).

You can even go do PHP at the CPAM thanks to WeLoveDevs.

Which MCQs for PHP?

Symfony developer salary is better than PHP developer salary in general.
It's normal ! The tool makes it possible to do more things, and therefore to create more value for the company.

Before going to pass your certification on Symfony, we offer you some MCQs:

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