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Are all developers working remotely?

Since the pandemic, things have changed. Before, to really be teleworking, you often had to go through freelancing.
Our "Back to the Office" survey shows that WeLoveDevs companies now offer to do at least 2 days of teleworking per week.

Telework is therefore becoming a norm and adding a second or third day of telework can completely change the recruitment effort.

Not all remote work jobs are comparable!

Beyond half-time, even full telecommuting jobs are difficult to differentiate.
The majority of companies require a common time zone for all employees of a site, for example.

At WeLoveDevs, for example, you have to be able to come to the office from time to time. Also, employees must live less than an hour from Lille. This means that some of them even live in Pas-de-Calais!

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