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Our jobs for developers and techs sorted by technologies and languages. Are you more in Javascript, PHP or JAVA? Choose your technology.

Developers are craftmans, and like any art, it requires the good brushes.

Technologies are our tools!

A worker with only a hammer in his tool bag finds all problems to be nails - Author unknown but popular

It's an interesting subject because that's why you don't change jobs so easily.

Because even if I'm a backend developer, I'm offered a position in PHP while I'm doing Java, it doesn't work!

This is what makes the job of IT recruiter so complicated. There are more than 50 keywords to identify in order to match people and opportunties.

So where to start ? Let's start with the client-server architecture.

The server, territory of the backend

The Backend in France is often in Java, JavaScript or PHP.

And we are going to add a framework to it! Spring for Java, Symfony for PHP, Rails for Ruby, Django for Python.

The challenge here is to implement the APIs, the Web services that will be consumed by client applications most often via HTTP.

On the client side, it depends!

Web clients

Web clients are very popular, because all you need is a browser to run them. Sometimes even the server will generate them directly.

But the fashion now is to make heavy clients, even in the browser. For a while we used Backbone or Ember.js, but now we will immediately deploy Angular, React or VueJS.

And it will be necessary to build all that: Rollup, Webpack, NPM and Yarn, the world of javascript does not lack tools.

Heavy Clients

We can make heavy applications with a lot of tools!

Whether Winform or WPF, Microsoft tools are still very present.
Qt will be the tool of choice for C and C++ developers.
Java developers will use Swing!

Mobile customers

It's not over, you necessarily need mobile applications.
If they are native, it will be Kotlin on Android and Swift on iOS.
In the hybrid team we will find React Native and Flutter!

Before deploying, remember to build!

The build is a gray area - François Teycheine

On the Build side, there are many more or less complex tools, from Gradle to Basel!

To production and beyond

A developer does not work without an IDE!
Atom, Visual Code, IntelliJ, Eclipse. Each tool is appropriate for working on a language or a technology!

The application will surely connect to a NoSQL or SQL database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase

The developer will surely install Docker on his machine to manage his environment.

DevOps installed a Kubernetes-based pipeline to deploy multi-cloud to Terraform-configured machines. Or it is deployed on PaaS or Serverless.

The fullstack developer does not exist

If you didn't know it doesn't exist, it's written on our blog!

In truth, it's mainly that on WeLoveDevs, there are mainly ads for fullstack developer positions, and yet, as we said, there are different technologies behind them!

A Fullstack developer cannot apply on all fullstack developer announcements because he must have the right stack. So it is better to specify the stack from the announcement!


Smartphone enthusiasts will find happiness here.


For those who appreciate low-level programming languages. Every byte counts !


For those who enjoy building the best UI !


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