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What is a CTO?

The Chief Technical Officer or Director of New Technologies oversees technical innovation and the deployment of technologies adapted to the development and efficiency of a company's activities. He studies all the technical development possibilities of a company and is responsible for defining a strategy for the deployment of innovative projects.

The CTO must anticipate new practices and technical opportunities in order to boost the current activity. He has a global vision of the elements of the information system.

What are the missions of a CTO?

  • It identifies the technological risks and opportunities of an organization,
  • He defines an innovation strategy in cooperation with the company's managers and the IT department,
  • He is responsible for the development of major projects aimed at integrating new technologies into the production process,
  • He participates in the decisions taken by the management committee,
  • He is involved in the R&D (Research and Development) of the company,
  • He does very in-depth technological monitoring to be able to identify emerging technologies and grasp their potential.

What is the salary of a CTO?

The average CTO salary in 2022 is 58k per year. This figure evolves according to the city in which he exercises. In Paris, a CTO earns 60k, in Lyon, it is much higher, he earns 73k while in Bordeaux, he will earn 49k.

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