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Java is an open source programming language that has grown widely over the past 15 years. This quiz has 3 level of question complexity and will allow you to know evaluate your skills.

Here are the points assessed inside this test:

  • Knowledge of language itself
  • Knowledge of JDK
  • How the JVM works
Created on February 2019, last updated on April 2022
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    Panda rouge prudent(2905)
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Test author: Zenika

Zenika is an IT consulting firm with 550 employees that help companies in their digital transformation. The company has offices in France, Canada, Singapore and now in Morocco. As a link between the organic and digital worlds, our expertise begins with an interface and ends with data storage and exploitation, in agile, devops and secure mode. Sharing, transparency and conviviality are values that belong to Zenika, so it is natural that our community is strongly committed to open source and responsible digital. / /

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  • Thomas De verdière
  • Loïc Mathieu
  • Clément Devos

Developers reviews

on 05/25/2022
Felicitation prosper KIEMDE, Congrats
on 05/23/2022
on 05/08/2022
Il manque des questions sur quelques connaissances requis sur Java

L'équipe WeLoveDevs le 05/12/2022Bonjour ! Nous avons 3 QCMs Java qui attaquent le sujet de différentes manières. Si le QCM mérite des améliorations, n'hésitez pas à contribuer en proposant des questions, vous obtiendrez des points de contributeurs pour le top 100 ! Bien à vous, L'équipe de
on 05/07/2022
on 05/04/2022
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