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Java is an Open Source programming language that has become widely used over the past 15 years.

Here is our most famous language test, it covers a wide range of skills such as:

  1. Understanding of the basic concepts of the Java language (classes, interfaces, inheritance, encapsulation, overloading, polymorphism).
  2. Knowledge of access modifiers (public, private, protected) and keywords (final, static, synchronized, etc.).
  3. Mastery of Java collections and their implementations (ArrayList, HashMap, HashSet, LinkedHashMap, etc.).
  4. Knowledge of classes and interfaces for manipulating character strings (String, StringBuilder, etc.).
  5. Understanding of input/output concepts (InputStream, InputStreamReader, etc.).
  6. Knowledge of multi-threading concepts (Thread, monitor, synchronization, etc.).
  7. Understanding of memory management and Garbage Collector (G1, Serial GC, etc.).
  8. Knowledge of new features in recent versions of Java (Java 11, Java 17).
  9. Mastery of concepts related to serialization (Serializable, Externalizable, etc.).
  10. Familiarity with Design Patterns (Decorator, Visitor, etc.).

We hope you will like it !

Created on February 2019, last updated on May 2023
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Test author: Zenika

Zenika is an IT consulting firm with 550 employees that help companies in their digital transformation. The company has offices in France, Canada, Singapore and now in Morocco. As a link between the organic and digital worlds, our expertise begins with an interface and ends with data storage and exploitation, in agile, devops and secure mode. Sharing, transparency and conviviality are values that belong to Zenika, so it is natural that our community is strongly committed to open source and responsible digital. / /

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Great test but it must have a general idea of language
Test intéressant et cultivant.
Très pratique pour évaluer ses connaissances
Pas mal ! C'est application bien pour s'auto evaluer
Des questions complètements inutiles
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