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19 questions
April 2022

This legacy test contains questions about older versions of React. Some of the methods and functions used are deprecated. It is recommended if you want to test your knowledge to work on a React project created before 2018.
This quiz contains a large part of the concepts to know about this library.
This test only talks about react. There are therefore very few (one or two) questions relating to peripheral libraries (redux, jss, material ...)
This quizz has only questions about Class Components
It tests the following skills:

  • describe a UI with React ⚛️
  • how to manage the state of a component
  • how to organize its components
  • how to manage the state of components
  • optimize rendering
  • detect and fix bugs in React code
Created on February 2019, last updated on April 2022
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    Sarindramalala Rivomanana(2610)
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Test author: La team W3D 💙

Clément and Vincent are two developers at WeLoveDevs.
Our stack is based on React, Firebase and Javascript / Typescript, so we spend a lot of time to experience the specifics of React ⚛️.
We think that this quiz allows to test the capacities of a developer who already has a few experience with React.

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Other contributorsThese developers also contributed :
  • Victor Sabatier
  • Clément Devos

Developers reviews

c'est un bon test juste il y a des questions ou le temps accordé est trop long ou trop court
J'ai adoré c'était top c'est une bonne remise en question
Sarindramalala Rivomanana
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