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20 questions
April 2023

This MCQ is designed to find out your level in Magento. Passing this MCQ is a guarantee of ownership of Magento, which will reassure your employer.

This MCQ covers the following points:

  • How Magento is configured and how to adapt it accordingly to your needs,
  • Comment on using the MVC model with Magento,
  • Comment on creating / modifying and customizing layouts and templates,
  • How to work with models, collections, resources and their representations in the database,
  • Comment to extend a feature according to your needs,
Created on February 2019, last updated on April 2023
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    Grizzly animé(2509)
Test author: Alex Bystritskiy

For the past 4 years, I have been focused on Magento. Many sleepless nights have allowed me to know its inner workings in depth. I have not seen many tests on Magento, but those that I have seen (I passed a Magento certification) did not seem relevant enough to me because essentially centered on "knowledge" and quite far from the real issues of development. I therefore accepted JobProd's proposal to carry out this test to really answer the question: "am I good at Magento development?".
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