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September 2023
15 minutes

This quiz on the Symfony 3 framework was crafted by Jean-Jacques PERUZZI, Symfony 2 and 3 developer and trainer. With this MCQ, you can test your knowledge of the framework in depth, with beginner and advanced questions.
Many areas are covered so that the assessment is as relevant as possible:

  • Services,
  • Doctrine,
  • The events,
  • The cache, the controllers,
  • Forms, routing,
  • The translation,
  • The templating,
  • The validation,
  • Console,
  • Twig,
  • Profiler,
  • Logs,
  • Security,
  • GuardBundle,
  • The Workflow.
This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 25 questions in Symfony.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Dylan Ballandras
2866 points
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Quentin Schuler
2840 points
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2824 points
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2815 points
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2809 points

Test author : Jean-jacques Peruzzi

Passionate about web professions for 17 years and an entrepreneur at heart, I now work as a freelance lead developer and PHP / Symfony 2 and 3 trainer. My experience allows me to provide advice in technical design and assistance in project management for the functional design. I really like to share my passion through the trainings that I lead and the Symfony workshops that I organize on my Meetup Symfony Aix / Marseille group. As soon as I have the opportunity, I take an look in DevOps, Agility, BDD NoSQL, UX (user experience)... I like to work on the user experience which must be central and I attaches particular importance to emotional design (ergonomics, design, accessibility). Quiet and thoughtful, I know how to observe and react to integrate myself into a work team.
To find out more, I invite you to consult my LinkedIn or my CV.

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Sample question

What are the main advantages of the service container?

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Noureddine Berjaoui
Ce n'est pas intéressant du tout

WeLoveDevs team on 12/05/2022 :Bonjour! Nous sommes désolés que le QCM ne vous ait pas plu ! N'hésitez pas à passer les QCM sur Symfony 5 et 6 qui sont peut être plus à jour! Bien à vous, L'équipe de WeLoveDevs.com
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