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React, Facebook's component library

Created in 2013 by Facebook, React is a component library made to create Single Page Applications (SPA).
React is based on a Virutal DOM in order to optimize the successive renderings of the application following data changes. React's data flow is unidirectional and downward.
The JSX syntax gives you the possibility to make dynamic HTML by adding JavaScript to the template !

Being agnostic of the chosen implementation, react often comes with other libraries such as React Router, Redux, or Material-ui.

The React Ecosystem

Initially often used only on the browser side (Client-side Rendering), React is now also used on the server side to improve performance on older devices but also SEO. Other creation modes with react have emerged such as SSG (Static Site Generator) or Hybrid SSR (SSR + SSG) with libraries like Next.js but also Headless CMS such as Gatsby

How to train in React?

The official documentation is a good start!

The React developer community is also very active:

  • Dan Abramov is one of the Core Developers on ReactJS, you can find him on his blog
  • Among the French developers, Sebastien Lorber, React and React Native expert, keeps a newsletter. Subscribe here!

What are the prerequisites for developing with React?

A good base in JavaScript is essential. Indeed, JSX relies heavily on JavaScript and its syntax, notably ES6, the Array API (map, filter, reduce) and object destructuring for better readability.
Understanding HTML and CSS is also very useful, but libraries can help you create components and style them faster.
In the style libraries we find for example Tailwind, and in the components react-bootstrap or Semantic UI

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