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58 questions
September 2022

This test is about the following skills:

  • The basics of the language: declaration of variables, manipulation of arrays, calls to functions and associated contexts, etc.
  • The use of JavaScript as an object-to-prototype language to structure its code
  • Knowledge of some classic JavaScript pitfalls
  • Know how to develop JavaScript applications in browsers by making the most of the DOM
  • The culture of the ecosystem around JavaScript to be able to develop faster and more efficiently: JS overlays, the use of JavaScript outside browsers, libraries to make Single-Page Apps.
Created on February 2019, last updated on September 2022
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    Maxence LEFEBVRE(2984)
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Test author: Bruno Michel

This JavaScript test was designed by an expert, Bruno Michel, currently technical director at AF83.
With over 8 years of development experience, Bruno passionately pushes the boundaries of technology. Technical Director of AF83 by day, Bruno is also a tireless advocate for the development of Open Source communities by night. He is the main developer of , the French reference site on Free Software, he also organized the first ParisJS meetup and speaks as a speaker at many events.
Here is his Github

Become a contributor to our Javascript quiz !'s quiz are collaborative and everyone can contribute ! You have an idea for the Javascript correction? Submit a new question or a correction, we'll credit you in the authors list and you'll get points to unlock questions corrections!
Other contributorsThese developers also contributed :
  • Jean-marie Cléry
  • Clément Devos
  • Anas Shami Shami
  • Clément Devos (W3D Team)
  • Vincent Cotro
  • william Etiemble
  • Damien Cavaillès
  • Sayf Essyd
  • Charlie Lucas
  • Michel Deckert

Developers reviews

on 12/01/2022🇫🇷
Test utile pour tout développeur
on 11/28/2022🇺🇸
I honestly don't feel like this test was "intermediate" at all, it was more like intermediate+ to say the least if not actually hard. Very misleading but anyway it's still good training
on 10/17/2022🇫🇷
Test bien difficile qui permet de bien s'entrainer
By Antoine on 10/06/2022🇫🇷
Super Test ! C'était pas évident mais j'ai apprit plein de chose en même temps !
on 10/06/2022🇫🇷
Pas si évident comme test, il est bien pensé et met au point plusieurs notions
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