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September 2023
19 minutes


This test consists of 31 questions on ASP.NET
Here are the topics covered:

  • Web.config configuration
  • Role management
  • Events
  • ASPX files
  • The sessions
  • Migrating an application
  • Management of premises
  • The MVC pattern
  • Web.UI
This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 31 questions in ASP dot-net.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Corail gentil
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Teddy Albina
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Test author : Guillaume Beaumont

The author: 📷 Guillaume Beaumont, architect / .NET expert and trainer, Itelios Paris

Present at Itelios since 2004, I am now an architect / .NET expert specializing in new technologies with a particular area of ​​expertise in connected e-commerce. An early adopter of Microsoft's .NET framework, I have worked with all versions released to date. My professional experience has led me to invest myself more in the field of web and SOA architectures, so I naturally became a real fan of WCF technology and all that relates to it.
In addition, I have implemented a number of ASP.NET MVC projects and the appearance of version 4 with the introduction of the Web API also excites me. Finally, the performance and quality issues at the level of the end customer perception of a website are a set of things that I like to constantly improve by using the technologies available to us for this as early as possible (server technology such as AppFabric or client like jQuery for example).
I also hold MCAD certifications for ASP.NET 2.0 and 4.0, and trainer for Itelios with our development teams in Paris. Always available to share and enrich my technological experiences, I invite you to contact me by email, Twitter or LinkedIn for any question relating to this MCQ.
To conclude on myself, when I am not "reading / doing code", I am a big fan of football, of Paris-Saint-Germain in particular, living in Paris since my childhood! Here is my blog.

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MISE EN SITUATION réelle lors des questions posées
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c'est bien pour mon premier test
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