HTML5/CSS3 Quiz / Test

This technical test takes approximately 10 minutes and was designed by Jean-marie Cléry and the community (companies, experts, CTO, teachers, freelances...) to help developers evaluate their skills.

The HTML5 / CSS3 quiz

It validates the following skills:
  • Good knowledge of basic concepts and some more advanced concepts
  • Knowledge of new tags introduced in HTML5
  • CSS3 selectors and positioning methods.
  • <audio> and <video>
  • HTML5 APIs
  • Responsive Web Design and web design
  • W3C standards and browser compatibility
  • General knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • 1
    Olivier Keul(2734)
  • 2
    Quentin Schuler(2696)
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

The author: 📷 Jean-Marie Cléry, Freelance developer and trainer at the Multimedia School

Passionate about web technologies since my youngest age, I first started programming with PHP, until the "revolution" of JavaScript: a language that definitely appealed to me because of its flexibility and the multiple possibilities it offers client side (gaming, 3d, websockets, webrtc, ...) and server side with Node.js Today, I occupy half part of my time with Freelance projects, and teach JavaScript (all levels ) in training organizations the other half of the time. If you have an innovative web project, or simply need JavaScript expertise, do not hesitate to contact me!
CreditsThis test was initiated by Jean-marie CléryThis developer also contributed : Vincent Cotro

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