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43 questions
March 2023

This MCQ was carried out by Jean-Marie Cléry, Freelance JavaScript developer and trainer at the Multimedia School. With this MCQ, you will test your knowledge of the node.js environment in depth
This Node.js MCQ allows you to test the following general knowledge:

  • Node.js ecosystem
  • Basic use of NPM
  • HTTP web servers (Native and Express.js) +
  • Request / response cycle
  • Asynchronicity management
  • Streams & tools
  • New features brought by ES2015 and ES2016 (+ babel): Promises (A +) : Generators, Modules (import / export), Classes, Asynchronous functions (async / await)
Created on February 2019, last updated on March 2023
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    Thomas Cauquil(2666)
Test author: Jean-marie Cléry

Jean-Marie Cléry, Freelance JavaScript developer and trainer at the Multimedia School
Passionate about web technologies since my youngest age, I first started programming with PHP, until the "revolution" of JavaScript: a language that definitely appealed to me because of its flexibility and the multiple possibilities it offers. '' he brought client side (gaming, 3d, websockets, webrtc, ...) and server side with Node.js Today, I occupy part of my time with Freelance projects, and teach JavaScript (all levels ) in training organizations the other half of the time. I also keep a niche for active monitoring. If you have an innovative web project, or simply need JavaScript expertise, do not hesitate to contact me!
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Other contributorsThese developers also contributed :
  • Cyril CHAPON
  • Axel SHAITA

Developers reviews

To short time, not enough time to think
The test is like only on the web (express, socket, etc...)
Too much question about frameworks and not enough about pure node.js
The test has valid questions that touches different topics.
tres bien fais! Merci de nous accorder cette opportunité
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