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The proposed test allows you to test your skills and knowledge in the Javascript scripting programming language. It is made up of questions intended for people who have already had experience using this language, but not necessarily very advanced. It is also an opportunity to test your general knowledge in an area that is at the heart of all web development today. Here are the concepts covered:

  • Array methods
  • Variables (types, scope, declaration, mutability)
  • object-oriented programming
  • loops
  • The operators
  • Functions
  • Instance methods
  • Dot notation
  • Unit and functional tests
  • The evolutions of javascript and its link with ecmascript
Created on April 2022, last updated on May 2023
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Test author: Kahina

ETIC INSA technologies is the “junior enterprise” of INSA Lyon. It carries out expertise for companies ranging from multinational groups to very small ones in almost all domains of engineering.

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  • Vincent Cotro
  • Kahina Chellit
  • Camille CAMARA
  • Guillaume KNIBIEHLY
  • Adrien Baudet
  • karim Atigui
  • Benjamin DUCAU

Developers reviews

not enough time for foreigners who do not speak English natively
Test complet qui permet de vérifier que les fondamentaux sont bien acquis et également de savoir ce qui est nécessaire de travailler le cas échéant !
J'aime ce type de test. Bravo 👏
Difficulté adaptée aux débutants et aide à trouver les points sur lesquels s'améliorer !
Temps de réponse trop court. Deux minute serait quand même idéale.
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