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Did you know that there is no relationship between Java and JavaScript? The second imitated the name of the first to surf on his notoriety.

Did you know that 98% of developers try to type Java on WeLoveDevs to see if Javascript jobs come up?
But we're smart, it's been 5 years since we shielded the subject.

Why is everyone doing javascript?

There is a fairly simple principle. We use the simplest tool to solve a problem. Most of the time, we use JavaScript.

Javascript was created by the Netscape teams as a server-side language that complements their HTTP server product. It is designed inspired by Java, but simplified a lot so that beginners can pick it up. It's LiveScript, which was renamed Javascript at the last minute. It is even promoted as a complement to Java. It's already confusing at the time.

Netscape in version 2.0 of its browser will include a JavaScript engine, which allows you to do lots of things that blink on the client side. It will very quickly become the programming language of the Web.

Yes, because at the time, to create dynamic webs, we mostly used PHP, which worked on the server side. Javascript makes it possible to modify things after communicating with the server. And if we use our HTTP client to download XML, we will even say that we are doing AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML).

A developer who does client-side and server-side JavaScript will say that he is fullstack. And it's very stylish 😎

What skills for a Javascript developer?

Today, JavaScript has become popular on the client, with frameworks like Angular, VueJS, and React.
They follow a whole series of technologies, libraries like jQuery, Bootstrap, Ember.js and Backbone.

But it is also popular on the server side thanks to Node and Express.
There are even all-in-one frameworks, like NextJS or NuxtJS.

If you want to type your Javascript, it will be easy to use Typescript which will perform the static analysis at the build stage. By the way, this build step has become more and more common. We will use Webpack, Rollup and especially Babel to polyfill Javascript.

All dependencies will be managed by NPM and its package.json, which will even be the first build tool.

The language is now standardized by an institution called Ecma International. And the standardized versions are called ECMAScript.

Are all Javascript devs fullstack?

The fullstack does not exist! But nowadays, a web developer needs a lot of skills. It integrates with Flexbox at breakfast. In the morning, he implements his business application on the client side with Redux or Fiber, or on the server side with Node and Mongo. In the afternoon, he puts into production on a PaaS or a SaaS after upgrading Webpack. In short, it's complicated to do these 3 things very well. A good Javascript developer will know if he is more comfortable on the front or the back at least.

And then is a Javascript developer really a job? Javascript is a cross-cutting tool for many professions. Almost all web developers are familiar with this tool, as they are comfortable with HTML and CSS.
In fact, if Sun would present JavaScript as a complement to Java, today it is. Java Spring developers will surely use Angular to make their interface.

The future of the web is the WebComponent!

Ah, if you work on the web, you have surely seen that a web page is complicated in terms of scope.

If you are curious about WebComponents, I recommend that you listen to the expert Hubert Sablonnière who talks about it on our Youtube channel:

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