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25 questions
April 2023

ℹ️ This test is about Angular 4. Also discover our test on the latest version of Angular here.

Angular (commonly known as "Angular 2+" or "Angular V2 and more") 2.3 is a client-side (Framework) cadar, Open Source, based on TypeScript, and co-directed by the "Angular" project team to Google and a community of individuals and companies. Angular is a complete rewrite of Angularjs, Cadriel built by the same team.
Differences with Angularjs

  • Angular has no concept of "scope" or controllers, instead it uses a hierarchy of components as the main architectural characteristic.
  • Angular has a different expression syntax, focusing on "[]" for the binding of the properties, and "()" for event links.
  • Modularity - Many basic features have been moved to modules
  • Angular recommends the use of the TypeScript language, created by Microsoft
  • Dynamic loading
  • Asynchronous compilation of models
  • Iterative reminders provided by RXJS. RXJS Limits of the status of visibility and debugging, but these problems can be resolved with reagent add-ons like NGREACT or NGRX.
Created on February 2019, last updated on April 2023
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    Thomas PLESSIS(3292)
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Test author: Mathieu Robin
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Developers reviews

technical questions not just knowledge
Amine Boucham
Un test plus varié et bien orienté. Bravo pour ce beau travail (test) !
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