Angular Quiz / Test

This technical test takes approximately 10 minutes and was designed by Emmanuel Demey and the community (companies, experts, CTO, teachers, freelances...) to help developers evaluate their skills.

Brand new ! This test has recently been crafted with love by Emmanuel Demey and its content reflects the usage of Angular in its latest versions.

About Angular

Angular is a framework developed by the Angular team at Google and external contributors. It is developed in Typescript and allows the design of SPA "Single Page Application".

Angular is a rewrite of AngularJS which was not developed in Typescript. It is quite different and reading code from the current version (version 12) is very different from previous versions.

AngularJS is used very rarely today. The first version of Angular is sometimes referred to as version 2 of AngularJS. The documentation website is really nice :

Today, developers who want to develop a web application mainly choose between Angular, React or VueJS. VueJS is the latest one, it is the challenger. Angular is very popular with Java / DotNet developers. React would be the most popular because it has more stars on Github. But that can change overnight, depending on the weather and the wind (that's sarcasm).
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    Marc Gavanier(2906)

Author : Emmanuel Demey

Emmanuel Demey is an independent expert recognized in France.
Regular speaker on national conferences, he also work as a consultant or teacher in companies.
These favorite topics are: Angular, ElasticSearch, GreenIT and accessibility.
Emmanuel organizes various events:
He is also a published author for ENI editions and is host of the Tech Ethic Podcast.
We invite you in particular to follow him on Twitter (@EmmanuelDemey ) or to consult his Linkedin profile.

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CreditsThis test was initiated by Emmanuel Demey
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