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Vue.js (also simply called Vue), is an open-source JavaScript framework used to build user interfaces and single-page web applications.

The story of Vue.js

The framework was created by evan You after working for Google using AngularJS in a number of projects. The first version dates from February 2014, after several months of work. The latest Vue.js version is from April 2022.
The framework is written in JavaScript.

Benefits of Vue.js

Small size

Vue.js has a very small size of around 18KB which is excellent compared to other large frameworks. However, with this size, Vue.js will have a positive impact on the SEO and UX of your frontend application.

Single file component and readability

Vue.js uses a component-based architecture, separating large chunks of code into smaller components. Also, in Vue.js, everything is a component, and each component is written with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which promotes readability and simplicity.

Solid tooling system

Vue.js supports a large number of frontend development tools out of the box, with little to no configuration on your part. For example, Vue.js supports tools like Babel and Webpack. Additionally, it provides unit testing, end-to-end testing libraries, flexible and easy-to-use routing systems, state managers, server-side rendering (SSR), and more.

Easy to use

If you've used Vue.js before, you'll agree that it's very easy to use. It modernizes the usual approach to web development, allowing any beginner to get straight into it and feel comfortable in just a few practices.

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