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Did you know that the creator of the Python language was a fan of Monthy Python?

The name of the language is therefore a tribute. And that's why code examples more often include "spam" and "eggs" than "foo" and "bar".

Why is Python cool?

Python has been widely adopted by the machine learning community mainly because the industry professionals at Google used it a lot.

Its creator bearing the title of "Benevolent Dictator for Life", Guido Van Rossum was employed by Google for a very long time

![Guido Van Rossum, creator of Python, at OSCON 2006. He is holding a beer in a plastic cup and smiling awkwardly - source Wikipedia]( 500/jxmUL5XmTSWdr7CfHWRh

So there was a crisis in the Python community. The transition from version 2.7 to version 3 took a long time. Because a lot of code had to be rewritten, and all the libraries had to be ported to version 3.0.
And then in fact, users of version 3 were developing new libraries because the new paradigms allowed new things. As a result, the projects had to be completely rewritten. It was even necessary to make a new version 2 after the release of version 3 to correct the security problems of this one in production without forcing the projects to switch to 3. I tell you it was chaos!

Today, many DataScientists use Python for their experimental scoresheets. We will find the first class support of Python in Spark or Tensorflow.

And once they've developed their model, it's easier to push it to production and maintain it if the backend is in Python too.

And we must admit that Django is a great web framework, comparable to Symfony or Ruby on Rails. Some will use another more API-oriented framework called Pyramid.

Python is both adopted by the Raspberry Pi community and other connected objects. Its integrated and simplistic web server can be easier to configure than a Node for example.

In short, we do a lot of things with Python. And the good thing is that Python is a language that interprets carriage returns and indentation. We can therefore end a block by moving back one notch in indentation. It removes a lot of keywords or rather useless symbols. And everyone indents their code the same way. It's nice !

In which companies will we do Python?

Unsurprisingly, it's in startups that develop products around data: Everysens, [Sencrop]( /app/fr/company/sencrop), CleverConnect, [Trusted People]( /trusted-people)

And again soon!

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