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Swift is a compiled object programming language, which aims to be simple, efficient and secure. It is developed in Open Source by Apple, which is also the main contributor, but other members of the Swift community, as well as other actors, such as Google also participate in its development.

Swift's story

Development of Swift began in 2010 by Chris Lattner. The language is influenced by other programming languages ​​such as Objective-C, Ruby, Python, or even C#. Version 1.0 of Swift was released in June 2014.
The latest version was released in June 2022.


Swift has various quick features. Among them :

  • powerful generics,
  • native error management,
  • protocol extensions,
  • memory management,
  • flexible enumerations,
  • a package manager,
  • debugging, …

These elements combine to make Swift modern, accessible and very easy to use.

What are the benefits of Swift?

Easy to learn and use

Swift is a language designed for beginner developers. It is easy to learn, but also easy to use, because it is very concise. It is a very intuitive language to learn. Having skills on Swift can boost an application since developers specializing in it are in high demand.

Speed, security, cross-platform

Swift is renowned for its speed and power thanks to its LLVM compiler technology and standard library.
The language offers several security features, such as automatic memory management, value types, and variable initialization. It claims clean and consistent code while assigning safeguards to prevent errors and improve readability.

Swift supports all platforms like Apple, Linux, Windows, and Ubuntu.

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