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What is an IT project manager?

An IT project manager is an expert responsible for proposing and implementing a technical response adapted to the IT specifications related to the activity, environment and users of a company.

What is the role of the IT project manager?

The IT project manager has several missions:
He defines user needs: He conducts a series of studies to determine a list of needs to carry out specifications for the development phase.
He manages the development of the project: Deadlines, quality of the code and progress of the project, it is up to the IT project manager to manage all that!
He sets up the project: Time to implement the project!

From reflection to production, the IT project manager is present at all stages!

What skills do you need?

To be a good IT project manager, it is not enough to be technically good. The job requires a lot of soft skills: Spirit of synthesis, ability to communicate (to popularize the technical problems encountered), hindsight, relational, ability to adapt, humility, open-mindedness, fluent English.

Which companies recruit IT project managers?

There are plenty of companies that recruit IT project managers on WeLoveDevs. So go ahead and find the job that will make you happy 💙

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