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The Scrum method is the promise of a rapid and operational delivery of a prototype so that customers, principals and team members can evaluate it immediately. The Scrum method is an agile method for managing IT projects and product development.

What is a scrum master?

The Scrum Master helps lead the scrum for the team as a whole by ensuring that the Scrum framework is adhered to. They are committed to upholding Scrum values ​​and practices, but must also remain flexible and open to opportunities to improve the team's workflow.

What are its missions?

The Scrum master must be efficient, he brings his expertise and improves the processes of his team. It is directed towards the continuous improvement of the functioning of the team.

The Scrum Master will therefore help, facilitate and take a self-managed team further. He defines himself as a coach and ensures that the teams are involved as much as possible in the various sprints by accompanying them.

The Scrum Master also ensures the organization of “agile ceremonies” such as:

  • Sprint Planning (sprint planning),
  • The Daily Scrums (or daily scrums, the term scrum comes from rugby, these moments consist in determining the future operations of the next 24 hours),
  • The Sprint Review (or sprint review, made at the end of it).

What is the salary of a Scrum Master?

A Scrum master earns an average of 48k per year. Depending on his experience, a senior scrum master will earn 54k per year while a junior will earn 34k.

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