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What is a cybersecurity engineer?

The cybersecurity engineer is the person who will be responsible for the security of the company's computer systems.
In addition, it is he who will define the safety rules. He will also define and implement the means to anticipate and remedy any threat to the system.

What are the missions of the cybersecurity engineer?

He keeps watch on all current computer threats in order to be able to best prepare the systems he manages.
It detects, analyzes and processes any incident occurring on the system.
It sets up security rules and procedures in the event of a cyberattack.
It raises awareness of cyber security for all players in the system.
It constantly performs a security audit of all network systems.
He guides the teams as to the solutions to be put in place to secure the systems.
He ensures that the rules put in place are respected and applied by all the teams.

What are the skills and knowledge required to become a cybersecurity engineer?

To become a cybersecurity engineer, you obviously need very good knowledge of information system security and operating systems.
Programming skills are also required, especially in C++, Python, Perl or JavaScript.
In addition, solid knowledge of databases and therefore of SQL is essential.

What is the salary of a cybersecurity engineer?

The median salary of a cybersecurity engineer in France is 40k per year, the most experienced will earn up to 90k or more.

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