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Lyon is undoubtedly famed for its gastronomical excellence, housing the renowned Institut Paul Bocuse and its traditional "bouchons" (we're referring to the eateries, not traffic jams!). As this city becomes increasingly bike-friendly, you can indulge in its fine wines, cheeses, and the famous pink pralines while pronouncing it with the local accent. But let's not forget about the booming tech scene that strings from the Scientific City in Villeurbanne to the corporate headquarters in Part-Dieu, simmering over a vibrant cultural and intellectual melting pot that spans the city's suburbs.

Who's Hiring in Lyon?

Developers in Lyon earn more (median salary at 38K) due to the diverse range of industries to work in, including healthcare, pharmacy, and laboratories, with key employers such as BioMérieux.

Other major players include the renowned French software publisher Cegid, whose CEO is also the owner of the local football club, Olympique Lyonnais. If you're interested in software publishers, you might like to explore Esker! Not to forget, LCL also offers ample opportunities.

Large corporations like Boerhinger Ingelheim house numerous exciting startups where budding developers come to innovate. The city is known for its technology transfer expertise, with universities and research centers like INSA Lyon, CPE Lyon, and the University of Lyon championing the creation of Deep Tech startups.

This scientific community has strong ties to Grenoble and all the innovation springing from the Alps. Take some time to visit Technolac near Bourget and Chambery, and discover EnergyPool!

Why Developers Love Living in Lyon?

There are several significant events in Lyon that tech enthusiasts should not miss. First is MIXIT, an engaging tech conference that isn't shy about addressing societal topics. Then, if you're into objects that beep and flash, SIDO offers an international stage for IoT, where Lyon's innovative spirit is on display. Startups and the entire web community generally gather at BlendWebMix.

During weekends, residents enjoy strolling around the Parc de la Tête d'Or, visiting exhibitions at Confluence, and cycling along the banks of Rhône and Saône, especially if they are descending from Croix Rousse. To get back up, they take the funicular or automated metro. And if you visit this weekend, you'll surely notice a particular monument – not the Eiffel Tower, but its smaller copy that doubles as a TV tower. Don't worry!

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