The best tech cities in France for developers

Our jobs for developers and techs sorted by cities. Discover France tech ecosystem and the most attractive cities for developers.

But where are the developers?

There are developers everywhere in France! It is also one of the many jobs that you can practice anywhere, provided that there is good fiber and electricity.

On WeLoveDevs you can find a job in Lille, Bourget du Lac, Strasbourg, Nantes, Bordeaux or Toulouse.

In Brittany, there are developers who live in Rennes, Lannion, Saint Malo, or Brest.

If you leave Paris in the direction of Nantes, you can stop in Blois, Tours and Anger.

If you are in Chateauroux, you have taken the wrong motorway fork. No worries, take the opportunity to visit our customers in Clermont-Ferrand or Issoire.

Normandy is not the province of Paris. From Saint-Lazare station, you can go to work in Rouen, Caen or Saint-Lo.

If you prefer the Gare de l'Est, before arriving in Luxembourg, look at the companies in Metz, Nancy, Mulhouse, Sarreguemines, Strasbourg!

In the South, leave Perpignan and Montpellier and go to Italy. Aix-Marseille is racing with Hyères-Toulon and Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

Are we a remote worker nation ?

Part-time telecommuting has become the norm in IT. We asked our customers: the majority return to the office 2 days a week]( becomes-the-norm-in-bed/). Asking developers to come and work on site 5 days a week after the pandemic is no longer possible.

And the full remote? That's another topic!
There are many nuances. For example here we work in full-remote. But we ask people to live less than an hour from Lille. So it's practical, you can live in Béthune and come and have a convivial meeting at the office at Euratech at the end of the day.

Many companies ask developers, even in full-remote, to come to the office 2 days a month. They are often required to live in a particular time zone. This is why French developers are not yet recruited by companies based in San Francisco.

In practice, remote companies also allow themselves to be more demanding in their recruitment. So it is better to be experienced to embark on full-remote. Anyway WeLoveDevs got you covered with thoses opportunties

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