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The MCQ "WordPress - The basics" aims to validate all the theoretical skills essential to a good understanding of the WordPress ecosystem. You will deal with the design of WordPress, its place and its current use on the internet.
You will also work on the use of APIs with the REST API as well as the best practices to implement secure dynamic WP site that respects the concepts of digital accessibility. Finally, notions useful to any WP developer such as SEO, cache management, GDPR, management of plugins and templates will be covered.

Created on April 2022, last updated on February 2023
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Test author: Maxime Dienger

Currently a 3rd year student in an engineering school specializing in digital technologies (ESILV), I am passionate about web and IT development as a whole, entrepreneurship and more particularly Web3.0 technologies.
I like to transmit, create content and share knowledge with as many people as possible. If you want to contact me, find me on linkedin

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Pertinent permet de voir les lacunes
Ce test est intéressant et bien fait. Merci
Bonnes questions en rapport avec Wordpress !
thank you for this test, wordpress is the best
mohamed aymen
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