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March 2024
10 minutes

Why Take Our Tailwind CSS Quiz?

Tailwind CSS has established itself as an essential tool for front-end developers aiming to create fast and responsive interfaces. With our specially designed quiz, you can not only test your existing knowledge but also uncover tips and features of Tailwind that you might not have yet utilized. This test is the perfect opportunity for developers of all levels to prove their expertise or gauge their learning progress.

What You Will Learn

By participating in our quiz, you'll dive into a variety of Tailwind CSS topics, from managing SVG icons to fine-tuning letter spacing. You'll discover techniques to make your interfaces adaptive and accessible, while honing your skills on visual effects like blur and animations.

You will be questioned on:

  • Responsive Design: Master modern responsive design techniques and recommended practices for dark mode.
  • Flexbox and Grid: Deepen your understanding of layout with these powerful tools.
  • Tailwind Classes and Configuration: Test your ability to customize and configure Tailwind for specific use cases.
  • Tailwind Plugins and Tools: Assess your knowledge of additional resources that make Tailwind even more powerful.

Boost Your Career

Whether you're a beginner looking to enrich your resume or an experienced professional eager to stay at the cutting edge, our quiz is a step towards excellence. The results could open doors to new projects or position you as an expert in your field.

Ready to Take on the Challenge?

Each question is designed to stimulate your thought process and reinforce your mastery of Tailwind.

Don't wait any longer, show that you are up to the demands of modern web development.

This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 67 questions in Tailwind CSS.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Axel Nalesso
3092 points
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Maxime Javaux
2860 points
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Florian Sicilia
2721 points
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Keanu Kent
2677 points
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2638 points

Test author : Damien Toscano

I've been a Fullstack developer for 3 years following a career change after 5 years of work in Web Marketing. I received my developer training at Oclock.

I'm currently employed full-time in a company specializing in B2B marketing/project management.

My day-to-day job involves developing for an e-commerce platform and a custom ERP that encompasses all the functions of our business. I work with a proprietary framework, Laravel, and VueJs.

On a personal note, I'm passionate about the more creative side of the web. I work extensively with VueJs, ThreeJs, and Gsap to create fun projects 😊.

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Sample question

I have a container that contains a list of icons displayed horizontally, the number of icons is variable, and if it is too high, I know that it can exceed the size of my screen. What should I do to optimize scroll management?

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Developers ratings

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Keanu Kent
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Cela m'a permis de voir mon niveau réel en tailwind librairie que j'ai utilisée récemment
developer avatar
Yann Aufray
Des questions n'évaluent pas la connaissance de Tailwind mais plutôt l'écosystème. Certaines questions sont inutilement piégeuse. Il y a des fautes d'orthographe.