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Discover advanced techniques and technical implementations of Java, to improve your level ! Craftsmanship trivia and katas related questions also made an appearance in this quizz !

Created on April 2022, last updated on April 2022
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    Nicolas Desn.(2663)
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Test author: Ippon

Ippon is an IT consulting company that splits its skills learning groups in Practices. At Ippon, a Practice is an an organisation that structures its competences to bring value to its clients. Their expertise is the heart of their jobs. They value knowledge and skills of every member of the Practice. Practice are then communities, to enable everyone to meet experts with the same areas of interest. The fullstack community has a lot in common with the Craftsmanship community for instance. Training is key! The fullstack Practice animates the Fullstack Black Belt. Belts are auto-training journeys. Every collaborators works to take a Belt, accordingly to its professional project. A developer can decide to take an Agile Belt and will be accompanied by a Mentor of the Agile Practice to do so. Taking a Belt can take from a month to severaly years, even for experts. When the collaborator gets its Belt, the Belt is given to him on a ceremony on the tatami (!). This auto-training and competence sharing with its peers is very important for Ippon. That's because they think that auto-training is a manifestaion of will to learn and match the state of mind of Ippon. Colin is a Craftsman Developer at Ippon's Lyon agency. He's very involved in Lyon's tech communities, particularly in the Software Crafters Lyon meetup What's next? Feel free to participate in Ippon's Twitch streams to give them feedback on this questions. To know more about Ippon, visit their page on (

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Developers reviews

By Nicolas on 03/30/2022
Some questions have really a lot of code to read outside an IDE. Does the code compile? The exercise seemed to me difficult and without real interest.

L'équipe WeLoveDevs le 05/12/2022Hello, The code compiles, it has been developped with the author live on twitch and tested while created. However, it's a bit "next level" and i can understand your review. Please feel free to reach out with screen captures of the questions that bothered you , we can try to improve them. Cheers, team
By Mathieu AVRIL on 03/02/2022
Il manque quelques seconde a chaque fois pour répondre aux questions Soit ma compréhension du code est trop lente, soit il faut déjà connaitre le kata. Frustrant xD
By Joffrey on 02/21/2022
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