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Nantes: A Tech-Enriched City

Awarded the French Tech Capital title in 2014 and the Innovation Capital in 2019, Nantes stands as a vibrant city for the tech world! Nantes boasts over 500 tech events annually, such as the Web2Day, DevFest Nantes, Nantes Digital Week, Tech For Good days, and numerous hackathons.

Discover your dream job: a myriad of Nantes-based companies like Docotlib, SII, Norsys, Néo-Soft, and Nickel are recruiting on WeLoveDevs.

Nantes' tech ecosystem is vast enough that you can't cover it in a week - Quentin Adam

Pillars of Nantes' Tech Scene

Nantes Saint Nazaire Development

Nantes Saint Nazaire Development is an economic development agency that assists companies and project holders in their establishment in the Nantes metropolis.

La Cantine Numérique

La Cantine Numérique aims to animate the digital ecosystem in Nantes and network its stakeholders. It is located in attractive new premises on the Nantes Island (which we, the WeLoveDevs team, had the chance to visit!).

Nantes French Tech

Nantes French Tech unites all the players in the digital and innovative ecosystem in Nantes. It comprises startups, support devices, investors, and more broadly, all those who contribute to the emergence and support of successful Nantes businesses.

A Job in Nantes #Tech

A Job in Nantes #Tech is a collective initiative by Nantes Saint Nazaire Development, La Cantine Numérique, and Nantes French Tech to tackle recruitment in the digital sector.

We had the opportunity to work with A Job in Nantes #Tech to promote Nantes tech through a documentary and a series of Happy Developers videos.

Digital Employment in Nantes: A Statistical Overview

  • 10,000 jobs created in the region since the inception of the French Tech Nantes initiative in 2013.
  • 28,000 jobs in the digital sector in the Nantes metropolitan area by the end of 2020.
  • 2,706 establishments in the digital sector in the Nantes metropolis in 2020.
  • 355 start-ups in Loire-Atlantique

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