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20 questions
July 2022

Symfony is a PHP framework. Like Spring in Java, it is MVC oriented and is open source. This quiz covers many points of Symfony 5 including

  • Services,
  • ORM with Doctrine,
  • The events,
  • Forms, routing,
  • The translation,
  • The templating with Twig,
  • The validation,
  • Console,
  • Profiler,
  • The logs,
  • Security. With this quiz, you will be able to test your knowledge of the framework in depth, both in domain and in level (beginner to expert questions).
Created on November 2020, last updated on July 2022
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Test author: Smaïne Milianni

I am AWS Solution Architect certified, I also have Symfony 4 and Symfony 5 certification. Dev and trainer, author of courses on Udemy and Youtube I publish tech articles on Medium. I like to transmit, share and learn from others. I am passionate about what I do, naturally pragmatic I try to provide simple solutions to complex problems, I like software architecture, DevOps, agility, people invested in what they do and eat Japanese! Basically I am a Back developer but I really like the Front and I touch my ball in JS. I invite you to join me on LinkedIn or my website to find out more 👍

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