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April 2024
11 minutes

This test encompasses a large portion of php 8 fundamentals. It is destined to junior developers who already had an overview of the language and are comfortable with the basic concepts. Most questions can be brought up in a job interview.
Before taking the test, make sure you know each notion. Some questions are about general python culture whereas others are more technical.
Here is the list of the notions contained in this test :

  • popular functions (define, ...)
  • control flow structures (loops, ...)
  • variables (superglobals, globals, scopes, ...)
  • security aspect (filtering user data...)
  • object oriented programming (classes, methods, inheritance,...)
  • handling errors and exceptions
  • generalities on php (frameworks, syntax, operators,...)
    Good luck!
This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 48 questions in PHP.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Test author : Théo

Student at the French Grande École l'Ensimag, computer science has been my passion for 6 years. I gained some experience in programming with Python, C and C++, in web development with Php, SQL and JS, and in software development with Java. Now aged 20, I am heading into jobs in software development or cybersecurity.
I will soon be joining the Information Systems Engineering courses at Ensimag. However, my formation allows for great versatility in the numerical landscape. Apart from enjoying sports in my free time, I devote much effort to perfectioning my skills in cybersecurity, participating in CTF and Hackathons events physically or online.
Let's get in touch : My linkedin profile.

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Sample question

What is the main difference between the include and require functions in PHP?

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