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Rennes, the shining star of French Tech in Brittany

Nestled in the grand cap of French Tech in Brittany, alongside Brest and Lannion, Rennes stands out as the new capital of Brittany. Rennes differentiates itself with its rich cultural identity (#BZH), vibrant festival-filled calendar, and a thriving student base that propels tech stars like the unicorn Klaxoon into the global arena.

Who's hiring in Rennes?

Of course, we've mentioned Klaxoon that hires for React, Symfony, and Node to develop the most fun and rosy collaborative enterprise tool. On WeLoveDevs, you will also find the software publisher Aim45, recruiting for Java. If you want to work in health and medical fields, CYIM should be your first choice. Are you seeking a small, original agency? We've spotted the Glucoz team.

ESNs are present too! It's the headquarters of Groupe Créative. You will also find our favorite clients: Claranet, SII, Néo-Soft, Concerto, and Apside.

Half of the developers in Rennes earn more than 38K. Their median salary is higher than that of their counterparts in Lille and other French metropolises.

Why is Rennes cool for a developer?

Firstly, because it has an excellent community. The JUG and GDG are very active. They bring the region together each year for the BreizhCamp, which is hosting its tenth edition over three days this year.

Developers are trained at the University of Rennes, at INSA Rennes, and a plethora of other schools. It's estimated that there are tens of thousands of developers in Rennes, and this number grows by 5-6% each year.

If you visit Rennes this weekend, check out the Fine Arts Museum, which exhibits works by Boticelli, and the Champs Libres Science Space, which features a planetarium.

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