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Experienced (or intermediate) developers sit between junior developers and senior developers.
We say that a dev is experienced when he has two to three years of professional experience (even though we know that this figure counts less than the real skills acquired !).

What skills does an experienced developer develop?

Between a dev who has just graduated and a dev who already has a few years of experience in business, what changes is above all the quality of the code. The experienced dev will have more automatisms, and have more self-confidence. Which is logical.
The experienced developer uses shorter, more explicit code that is interpretated faster by the processor.

An experienced developer is quite autonomous. Thanks to his past experiences, he also acquired many relational skills, soft skills, which allow him a perfect understanding of the environment around him.

How much does an experienced developer earn?

It depends where he lives! An experienced developer earns around 38k per year. In Paris he will win 40k, in Lille he will win 35k.

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