Developer jobs: Juniors VS Seniors

Our jobs sorted by experience. For juniors looking for a first experience or experts looking for the hidden gems.

Seniority in the tech world

In the tech labor market, there are several types of seniority.

Being a junior in the tech world

Junior developers are just trained. They often come out of school or training. They did not participate in many projects, only personal projects or case studies for the school. Junior developers are popular for digital service companies.
A junior developer earns an average of 32K€ in 2022.

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Being a senior in the tech world

In the world of tech, senior profiles are highly sought after. They have a level of experience and expertise highly valued by employers. A senior developer generally has more than 5 years of experience. They are essential in a team in order to raise the skills of other developers, to lead a project or to do documentation.
Hiring senior developers is more expensive. The median salary for a senior developer is 50K in 2022.

Find the job that will make you happy: many companies like Gens de Confiance, Energy Pool, CleverConnect or Altice recruit senior developers on WeLoveDevs.

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