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November 2023
9 minutes

This multiple-choice quiz (MCQ) is specially designed to test your knowledge on Laravel, an open-source PHP framework that allows for the development of web applications and RESTful APIs. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks.

In this test, we will primarily focus on the basics of Laravel, ideal for those who want to familiarize themselves with this technology. You will be challenged with several questions about the fundamental concepts of Laravel, such as migrations, models, controllers, views, routes, and many more.

But that's not all! We also aim to assess your knowledge on the ecosystem surrounding Laravel.

Whether you are a beginner looking to strengthen your foundational knowledge or a seasoned developer wanting to test your expertise in the Laravel ecosystem, this MCQ is for you. Get ready for challenging tasks and questions that will allow you to put your skills into practice.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge and demonstrate your mastery of Laravel? Start now and test your knowledge! Good luck!

This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 71 questions in Laravel.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Test author : Damien Toscano

I've been a Fullstack developer for 3 years following a career change after 5 years of work in Web Marketing. I received my developer training at Oclock.

I'm currently employed full-time in a company specializing in B2B marketing/project management.

My day-to-day job involves developing for an e-commerce platform and a custom ERP that encompasses all the functions of our business. I work with a proprietary framework, Laravel, and VueJs.

On a personal note, I'm passionate about the more creative side of the web. I work extensively with VueJs, ThreeJs, and Gsap to create fun projects 😊.

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Sample question

Which artisan command allows listing the routes of a Laravel project?

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c'Ă©tait assez cool! j'ai pu apprendre d'autres choses
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Test interessant pour prepare un entretien
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Bon test mais il y a des questions qui sont peu pertinentes dans la pratique (notamment sur les namespace). Le LSP s'occupe trÚs bien de ça.