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The Java quiz for to test your fundamentals ! This quiz will test your basic knowledge of the Java language. The level of difficulty corresponds to a student leaving computer school with a basic knowledge of object-oriented languages. Here are the main topics included in the quiz :

  • Java environment
  • Basics on Java, the object language
  • The different conventions to respect
  • Unit tests
  • And finally, compilation results Good luck to you !
Created on April 2022, last updated on April 2022
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    Lézard de sable adorable(2930)
Test author: Pierre Bihannic

What better way than a student in a computer school to understand the needs of a junior who is starting out in Java? We contacted the MIAGE of Sophia Antipolis to carry out this test. It was Pierre who volunteered for the exercise. Graduated from a DUT specializing in computer science and currently in computer science license 3, Pierre has devised a test to test your basic knowledge of JAVA. For recruiters who go through it, Pierre has been passionate about IT since his early childhood. He seeks to specialize in software or web development. You can find Pierre on WeLoveDevs and on Linkedin !

Become a contributor to our Java - Fundamentals quiz !'s quiz are collaborative and everyone can contribute ! You have an idea for the Java - Fundamentals correction? Submit a new question or a correction, we'll credit you in the authors list and you'll get points to unlock questions corrections!
Other contributorsThese developers also contributed :
  • Damien Campagna
  • Mahdi Neifar

Developers reviews

By FABRICE on 07/22/2022
on 05/03/2022
By Anas on 04/10/2022
on 03/26/2022
on 03/16/2022
Challenging test with a lot of good questions
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