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February 2024
11 minutes

Spring is one of the most popular frameworks for JEE (Jakarta EE). Maintained by Pivotal and its community, we can say that it is a framework that knows how to stay modern: it is one of the first to embrace reactive programming. But you're not here to talk about Spring, you know what it is right? We want to talk about this quiz!

The authors rewrote this test from scratch. Julien and Grégory got motivated and wrote about sixty questions on the subject. To stay within the general knowledge of a developer who uses Spring on a daily basis, they came up with applied and scenario questions. Spring Security and Spring Data are not particularly covered by this MCQ, you may never have heard of it. Some questions are a little more advanced to allow those who make the effort to go into detail to distinguish themselves. It's normal not to have 100% correct answers!

This test allows you to assess your knowledge of the following concepts:

  • Dependency injection and AOP
  • The scopes of beans
  • The life cycle of a bean
  • Testing with Spring
  • Spring MVC in general
  • SpringBoot
  • Profile and configuration management
  • Reactive programming (Spring WebFlux)
This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 57 questions in Spring.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Ali Mohamed
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Test author : Ippon Tech

Ippon Technologies "practice Fullstack" is really popular. In the world, there would be more than 200 experts to be part of it (But we are not sure because we have never seen them all in the same room). At Ippon, a Practice refers to the organization that a community of skills takes when it structures itself to bring value to its customers. Their expertise being their core business, they take care to properly value each other's knowledge and skills.
They are communities who allow everyone to meet experts with the same areas of interest. The Fullstack community therefore has a lot of members in common with the Craftmanship community for example.
Training is important! The Fullstack Practice therefore drives the Fullstack Black Belt.
The belts are self-training courses. Each employee works to pass a Belt, according to their professional project. For example, a developer can decide to take an Agile Belt and will be accompanied by a Mentor from the Agile community for this. Some belts can be passed in a few months, others are harder and require several years of work, even by experts. When the consultant passes the stage, the Belt is given to him, during a ceremony on a tatami.
This process of self-training and transfer with his peers is very important for Ippon. It is because they think that those who take the self-assessment process are keen to learn and correspond to Ippon's state of mind that they liked writing this questionnaire.
I imagine that this exchange also develops a good relationship between the employees of Ippon. The proof is that Julien and Grégory were very prolific, they enjoyed writing these questions together!
What to do after this quiz?
Do not hesitate to contact the Lille agency ([email protected]) to get back to them on these questions. To learn more about the author, visit Ippon's page on WeLoveDevs.

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Sample question

A bean with a session scope is injected into a bean with a singleton scope.
What happens when the application starts?

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It is a good test with various questions about spring concepts
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