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November 2023
10 minutes

Quarkus Technical MCQs for Developers

This technical MCQ is carefully designed for developers wishing to assess their understanding and expertise of Quarkus – the Java microservices application development framework for the cloud and Kubernetes.

Overview of MCQ content

The MCQ covers a variety of topics essential to mastering Quarkus, reflecting both fundamental concepts and advanced features:

  • Basic functionalities: configuration, logs or dependency injection.
  • Hibernate ORM with Panache: Hibernate ORM enhanced by Panache, with the aim of facilitating developer productivity for data persistence.
  • REST webful application development with RESTEasy.
  • REST client development
  • Reactive application development.
  • Cloud Ready and Cloud Native features.
  • Deployment in Kubernetes.
  • The deployment starts as a native application: GraalVM support by Quarkus.
  • The internal workings of Quarkus and the creation of extensions.

Why Take This Quiz?

Whether you are a seasoned Java developer seeking to validate your skills in the Quarkus ecosystem, or a professional looking to pivot towards microservices and cloud-native applications, this quiz offers an opportunity to assess your technical knowledge. It also serves as a learning tool to better understand the practices and tools Quarkus provides for modernizing Java applications.

We invite developers to take on this challenge and delve deeper into the capabilities and features of Quarkus. Whether you wish to confirm your mastery of this framework or intend to broaden your understanding, this quiz is an excellent starting point.

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Test author : Loïc Mathieu

Loïc is Lead Software Engineer at Kestra Technologies where he helps create their SaaS, formerly a consultant trainer at Zenika Lille, he is also a Google Developer Expert (GDE) Google Cloud.
He carries out various tasks around Java, JVM, solution architecture and performance. Neither the Cloud, nor Kubernetes, nor Kafka scares him; he likes to take on challenges and learn new things.
A Quarkus contributor from the start, he contributes to several extensions and regularly talks about Quarkus (and other topics) in meetups or conferences, and even sometimes on his blog .

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The existing default configuration profiles are:

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