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20 questions
April 2022

Hibernate is a very popular ORM that even resulted in a specification. This questionnaire with 3 levels of difficulty will allow you to know your level. Here are the points assessed on this questionnaire:

  • Your knowledge of Hibernate features
  • How to use Hibernate
  • Your level of knowledge of how it works
Created on February 2019, last updated on April 2022
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    Robert 'Bob' Martin délicieux(2739)
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Test author: Zenika

Zenika is a company founded by consultants and architects who are experts in Open Source and Agile methods, sharing the same values of continuous improvement, dissemination of knowledge, technological expertise putting the consultant at the center of society. Zenika is a company with a unique model which concentrates within the same entity the professions of Consulting, Training and Realization. This triple competence allows our consultants to truly approach the multiple facets of the engineering profession while offering the best technological expertise to our clients. The MCQs offered to you have been co-constructed with all Zenika consultants according to their area of expertise. We offer you to assess your skills on Open Source technologies very frequently requested and used by our customers.

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Developers reviews

By Nicolas on 04/03/2022
Questions très interessantes. Bonne gestion du temps.
By Audran on 03/25/2022
on 03/10/2022
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