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April 2024
10 minutes

PostgreSQL, often referred to as Postgres, is a leading object and relational database management system, renowned for its robustness, flexibility and adherence to SQL standards. PG Admin, the most popular graphical interface for PostgreSQL database management, complements this power by providing a user-friendly tool for configuring, managing and analyzing your Postgres databases.

This MCQ is designed to test your knowledge and skills both on PostgreSQL and on using PG Admin, covering topics such as:

Creating and managing databases with PostgreSQL.

Writing and optimizing SQL queries.

Advanced PostgreSQL features, such as transactions, indexes and stored procedures.

Using PG Admin to manage and monitor databases.

Understanding the key differences and advantages of PostgreSQL over other database management systems such as MariaDB and MySQL.

By incorporating questions on PG Admin, this test aims not only to assess your theoretical understanding of PostgreSQL, but also your ability to use practical tools to manage databases effectively in real-life environments.

Whether you're just starting out with PostgreSQL and PG Admin, or you're an experienced professional looking to validate and deepen your expertise, this MCQ offers you a unique opportunity to test and

This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 25 questions in PostgreSQL.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Test author : Abdelghani HAMAZ

Abdelghani Hamaz is a web developer specialized in front-end and back-end technologies. Expert in databases with strong skills in PostgreSQL, he also masters various frameworks such as Django and Laravel, as well as front-end technologies like React and Vue. His advanced skills in database management and API integration make him a competent professional in developing high-performance and secure web applications. Active in the development community, Abdelghani regularly contributes to projects and trainings in the database field.

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Sample question

What is the mechanism in PostgreSQL that ensures the integrity of transactions and supports concurrent processing?

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Bon pour débutant sur Postgresql. Trop pointilleux sur PgAdmin
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Ruthu Kumari
Very good Questions. Encouraging