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The main interest of this MCQ is to test the basic knowledge of young developers on the subject of databases. The questionnaire is quite theoretical. It deals with the legal aspects of databases but also a part on the normalization of relations. The classical vocabulary is also covered as well as the translation of analysis schemas. The goal of this MCQ is to make questions that are easy to answer but that allow the person answering to better understand some of the subtleties of the topic of this MCQ. The goal is to have all the tools to build a database from scratch.

Created on April 2022, last updated on April 2022
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    titouan lecamp(2804)
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Test author: titouan lecamp

My name is Lecamp Titouan, I am in my second year of engineering school in Grenoble-INP Ensimag, UGA and I am following the Information Systems Engineering course. I am a real computer enthusiast who likes to discover new technologies and practice different tools. My favorite areas are web and software development as well as some aspects of system management and telecommunications. Apart from computer science, I'm a big fan of mountain activities as well as other sports like ultimate frisbee or rugby. I also spend a good part of my free time playing chess. I hope that you will enjoy this quizz !

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Developers reviews

By Jérôme on 05/15/2022
By Franck on 05/05/2022
C'est un test sur les BDD par un cours théorique donné dans une école. J'ai bien aimé le fait que la RGPD soit un frein au développement du numérique.
on 04/14/2022
By Ahlam on 04/12/2022
By Saint-Bernard fantaisie on 04/12/2022
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