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June 2024
10 minutes

scikit-learn, ML in Python!

Scikit-learn is a free Python library for machine learning. It has been developed by numerous contributors2, particularly in the academic world by French higher education and research institutes such as Inria3.
It offers in its framework many libraries of algorithms to implement, turnkey. These libraries are available to data scientists in particular.
It notably includes functions for estimating random forests, logistic regressions, classification algorithms, and support vector machines. It is designed to harmonize with other free Python libraries, including NumPy and SciPy.

About the quiz Python scikit-learn

This quiz addresses the basic libraries that allow you to practice Data Science with the Python language. In this quiz, there are questions that allow you to challenge yourself on the most basic uses of the Numpy, pandas and Scikit-Learn libraries. Indeed, the mastery of these three libraries makes it possible to develop all types of machine learning algorithms. The topics covered in this test are:
The creation and manipulation of Numpy arrays.
Creating and manipulating Pandas DataFrames.
Data manipulation with advanced functions such as the Apply and Melt functions;
The use of the Scikit-Learn library for the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms such as regression algorithms, SVM algorithms, the KMeans algorithm and neural networks.

This test consists of 20 questions randomly selected from a database of 30 questions in scikit-learn.Discover all our interview questions and answers here
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Mate Polgari
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Test author : Madjid Khichane

About the author, Madjid KHICHANE.
After an engineering degree in Computer Science obtained at Mouloud Mammeri University in Tizi-Ouzou in Algeria then a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence obtained at Paris 5 University (René Descartes), Madjid KHICHANE defended his PhD in Artificial Intelligence in collaboration between Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and IBM.
This doctoral thesis gave rise to algorithmic innovations in the field of reinforcement learning which are now published in leading international conferences.
Madjid has held positions as an expert in artificial intelligence and expert in Data Science within major international groups in the field of computer technologies and particularly in the field of Data Science.

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Sample question

With Scikit-learn, what is the value of the decision threshold used with logistic regression?

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Tatou calme
Beaucoup de questions de syntaxe un peu inutiles; la syntaxe n'a pas besoin d'être connue par cœur...
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Yorkshire Terrier raisonnable
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sympa et permet de bien s'entrainer!

WeLoveDevs team on 10/07/2023 :Merci pour ton retour !
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excellente organisation des questions