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During this quizz you will be able to discover and/or develop your skills in NLP (Natural Language Processing). It is a branch of AI that makes it possible to study, process, and do machine learning on textual data. It is thanks to NLP that we have chatbots, automatic text translators, or even self-correctors! You will discover both general information on NLP but also techniques used for word processing, or even the main algorithms that exist today.

Created on April 2022, last updated on April 2022
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Test author: Constantin Testu

My name is Constantin Testu and I am an engineering student in M1 at ESILV, specializing in data & IA, I am a consultant in this field for De Vinci Junior (JE of the school), and also a freelance data scientist. For 3 years I have been interested in Artificial Intelligence in all its forms to expand my experience. Having lived in England, I have an excellent level of English, and a particular appetite for the international. For more information you can consult my profile on WeLoveDevs:

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