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Elasticsearch is part of the data science suite produced by elastic. Often accompanied by Logstash and Kibana, they form the ELK suite. Based on the Lucene Java indexing and search library, Elastic provides a service for indexing data and a search engine, all exposed through a REST API. Using complex mechanisms for the optimization of search availability (sharding, multi-instances), elastic allows an almost instantaneous search.

Created on August 2021, last updated on April 2022
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Test author: Emmanuel Demey

Emmanuel Demey is an independent expert recognized in France. Regular speaker on national conferences, he also work as a consultant or teacher in companies. These favorite topics are: Angular, ElasticSearch, GreenIT and accessibility. Emmanuel organizes various events:

  • Lille DevFest (and the GDG community): https://devfest.gdglille.org/
  • The WebStories online conference: https://webstoriesconf.com/
  • Cloud Nord, an online conference on the Cloud He is also a published author for ENI editions and is host of the Tech Ethic Podcast. We invite you in particular to follow him on Twitter (@EmmanuelDemey ) or to consult his Linkedin profile.
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Other contributorsThis developer also contributed : Clément Devos (W3D Team)

Developers reviews

By Amine Boucham on 07/25/2022
Il faut avoir de frais souvenir de ELK sinon c'est compliqué.
By FAbien on 05/20/2022
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